For a general description of the subject of our research see the Brochure (in polish)

There are three research teams and a chemical group in our Department.

Wieslaw I. Gruszecki directs the group which does research on:

  • physical mechanisms connected with the regulation of photosynthetic transport of energy and electric charge;
  • the influence of carotenoids on the dynamic and structural properties of lipid membranes;
  • organisation of polyenic antibiotics in lipid membranes.

The group is:

  • Ewa Iwaszko
  • Monika Hereę
  • Justyna Milanowska
  • Anna Wardak
  • Agnieszka Sujak
  • Wojtek Grudziński
  • Darek Nied¼wiedzki 
  • Mariusz Gago¶
Stanislaw Krawczyk: under construction

The group is:

  • Dorota Olszówka
  • Rafa³ Luchowski
Jan Sielewiesiuk: under construction
Wojciech Wolacewicz and Zbigniew Konarzewski - Chemical Laboratory of the Department of Biophysics

     In the Chemical Laboratory of the Department of Biophysics the samples of vegetable pigments are prepared for the research works conducted at present, and also of reagents and materials for the M.Sc. and Ph.D. publications prepared at the Department. In the preparation of the vegetable pigments the standard techniques of isolation, purification and separation known from the literature are used. in the course of these works we perfect the methods of isolation, purification and separation and we adjust them for our own needs. Some of the most often prepared pigments are carotenoids (b-caroten, lutein, zeaxanthin, violaxanthin, likopen) and chlorophylles. 
The above-mentioned pure pigments are obtained from vegetable extracts or specimens.
In the process of isolation, purification and separation of pigments we use the phase separation, crystalization, Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and other methods. Apart from the above-mentioned works we also perform other preparation work (purification of specimens and materials used for research) depending on the needs.

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